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Introducing our latest slot machine – Money Monsters

Get ready for a scary good time with frighteningly big wins! The game features your favorite classic monsters: Dracula, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Wolfman, and the Mummy. There are 30 paylines, two Bonus Features, and a Free Spin Feature.

The base game features 30 paylines, left-to-right, the highest payline is paid. 

Multiplier Bonus Feature


There is an in-reel Multiplier Bonus Feature. Look for the Bride of Frankenstein Scatters. Hit 3 of them on the reels to trigger the Multiplier Bonus Feature. In the feature, you select one of the three scatters to reveal a multiplier. Amount paid out is multiplier x total bet.

Bonus Feature


Hit 3 Bonus Scatters on the reel to trigger the Bonus Feature. In the feature, you fight off the invading monster attack by picking chests. The chests will reveal weapons that attack one or more of the invading monsters. Silver bullets attack the Wolfman and pitch forks attack Frankenstein, etc. When a monster is hit 4 times, he is defeated and you win the reward. Some chests will contain special power-ups such as the attack-all Fireball or the PrizeUp booster that increases the reward value for all the monsters. Keep opening chests to defeat the monsters and save the day!


Free Spin Feature

Hit 3 Free Spin Scatters to trigger the Free Spin Feature. The Free Spin Feature utilizes special reels that have long stacks of blank symbols. Before each Free Spin, one symbol is randomly selected to substitute ALL the blank symbols on the reels. This makes it possible to have long stacks of Frankenstein, Dracula, etc that can generate some frighteningly large wins!