Mardi Gras Money Slot Machine Reels
  • Come join the party at Mardi Gras Money!
  • There are 50 Paylines to win!
  • Pick from 25, 15, or 8 Free Spins with different mystery stacks for massive wins!
Amazonia Slot Machine Reels
  • Win big, no monkeying around!
  • 30 Lines
  • 3 Different Bonus Features!
Buffalo Rush Slot Machine Reels
  • It’s a WILD money stampede!
  • 1024 Ways to WIN
  • Stackable WILD multipliers feature for up to 27X WIN!
Cake Off Slot Machine Reels
  • A blast of sugary fun to celebrate your big hits!
  • 30 Lines
  • Bonus Feature and Free Spins Feature!
Clover Cash Slot Machine Reels
  • Do you have the luck of the Irish? Come find your 4-leaf clover in these lucky reels.
  • 30 Lines
  • Bonus Feature and Free Spins Feature!
Cobra Room Slot Machine Reels
  • Time to rock some HUGE wins!
  • 30 Lines
  • Unique rhythm style Bonus Feature!
Dragon’s Den Slot Machine Reels
  • Unknown riches are hidden deep inside the Dragon’s Den. Dare to enter?
  • 40 Lines
  • Giant symbols and Amazing Wins!
Empire Reels Slot Machine Reels
  • Take a big bite out of the Big Apple.
  • 20 Lines
  • 2 Different Bonus Features!
Enchanted Fairy Slot Machine Reels
  • The magical fairy forest awaits you!
  • 20 Lines
  • Bonus Feature AND Free Spin Feature!
Fashion Frenzy Slot Machine Reels
  • Win BIG and hit Rodeo Drive for some retail therapy!
  • 20 Lines
  • Bonus Feature AND Free Spin Feature!
Forbidden Fortunes Slot Machine Reels
  • Discover treasures from the Forbidden Kingdom.
  • 243 Ways to WIN
  • Giant firecracker RESPIN Bonus Feature and Free Spin Feature with up to 20X Multiplier!
King of the Jungle Slot Machine Reels
  • Rule the jungle. It’s good to be king!
  • 15 Lines
  • 2 stage Bonus Feature and Free Spin Feature!
Mayan Gold Slot Machine Reels
  • Spin the reels and take home the Mayan Gold!
  • 30 Lines
  • 2X Wild multipliers. 6-level Bonus Feature!
Money Monsters Slot Machine Reels
  • Classic monsters theme with Frankenstein, Dracula, and more!
  • 30 Lines, stacked mystery symbol reels with Free Spin and Bonus Features.
  • Fend off the monster attack in the Bonus Feature and claim your reward!
Mummy Mayhem Slot Machine Reels
  • Do you dare to enter the Mummy’s tomb and take the treasure?
  • 20 Lines
  • 2 different Bonus Game Features!
Payday Puppies Slot Machine Reels
  • Fun puppies just in time for a big payday!
  • 20 Lines
  • Bonus Game Feature and Free Spin Feature!
Pirates Bounty Slot Machine Reels
  • 15 Lines with Bonus and Free Spin Features!
  • Win up to 25 FREE GAMES with 2X all wins!
  • Attack and loot Imperial Ships in the Bonus Feature.
Siren Song Slot Machine Reels
  • Mermaids and muses. Sail the seas and find your reward!
  • 15 Lines
  • 6-level Bonus Feature!
Snow Queen Slot Machine Reels
  • Do you know the tale of the Snow Queen?
  • 40 Lines - Cascading reels
  • Bonus Feature and Free Spin Feature!
Treasures of Atlantis Slot Machine Reels
  • Find the mythical lost city of Atlantis and claim your reward!
  • 30 Lines
  • Locked wilds in Free Spin Feature. Spear fish in the underwater Bonus Feature!